How To Avoid Playing The Guessing Game On Why Prospects Leave Your Funnel or Website
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What is Funnel Maps?
see where you visitors click
Track mouse movements, thumb activity, and where clicks are happening. 

See what is grabbing attention of your website visitors!
Watch visitor recordings
It's like having a DVR for your funnel or website! Be able to watch your visitors and optimize how you can always improve your conversions.
all AWS cloud storage
All data and recordings are safely in Amazon cloud storage so it will not slow down the loading time of your page!
ABOUT the founder
Ben Harris is a seasoned entrepreneur. His path as an internet marketer begun years ago, as a frequent eBay buyer of football cards. Turning them for a quick profit or waiting to get cards autographed - he was always looking for ways to make money. 

He currently works for Clickfunnels as the Relationship Manager, playing a key role in business development. He is also on the Clickfunnels Speaking Team.

Before joining ClickFunnels he was the co-founder of MB Nutrition, a top selling workout supplement brand on Amazon. In 2015, their flagship product F-16 was the top rated pre-workout powder in the United States on Amazon. 

Ben has had sales experiences from Fortune 500 companies such as Automatic Data Processing, Northwestern Mutual, and Wyndham Worldwide. He currently resides in Kansas City, KS. In his free time Ben loves to play golf, read, go to the gym, and of course build funnels!
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